Bovine Papillomavirus Type 1 and 2 (Equine Sarcoids)

A bovine papillomavirus type 1 and 2 PCR test is now available at LABOKLIN. It is widely accepted that both viruses are associated with the pathogenesis of equine sarcoids.

Sample material: scurf, hairs (hair roots!), tissue (tumor).


EU-research project - gloworm
For 2 years now LABOKLIN has been involved in the EU-research project "gloworm" which aims at an optimised management of detection and prevention of parasitic diseases in cattle and small ruminants.
In this context we would like to ask for your cooperation - a questionnaire which takes max. 5 minutes to fill in can be found at 
It would be much appreciated if you could persuade your livestock owners to participate.


European Travel Bursary launched

Did you ever wonder how canine leishmaniasis is treated in Istanbul, what racing injuries are common in huskies in Norway, how feline vaccination protocols look like in Malaga or what referral services for companion animals are available in Estonia? Well, now you and a group of your local colleagues can find out first hand, have your expenses paid and you might even make some new friends while doing it.
In order to improve the understanding of companion animal veterinarians in Europe at “grass root” level, the FECAVA, the Federation of European Companion Animal Veterinary Associations, has launched the FECAVA LABOKLIN Travel Bursary together with Laboklin at  their latest meeting in Helsinki. The Bursary which is granted once a year will enable two groups of small animal practitioners from two different parts of Europe to visit each other, to observe each other’s daily work, to enjoy their local culture and to learn from another.
Exact details about the bursary and how to apply can be found in the spring edition of EJCAP Online which can be found by visiting the FECAVA website at

At the launch of the Travel Bursary in Helsinki
At the launch of the Travel Bursary in Helsinki (from left to right FECAVA’s President Elect Jerzy Gawor, LABOKLIN Representative Christoph Gerhards, FECAVA President Monique Megens, FECAVA’s Honorary Secretary Wolfgang Dohne and Treasurer Denis Novak)


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