WSAVA Calls for Quarantine not Euthanasia for Dogs Exposed to Ebola

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA), a global veterinary association, has called for the testing and quarantine of dogs exposed to the Ebola virus in countries not endemic for the disease, not automatic euthanasia. It has spoken out following the euthanasia on 8 October 2014 of a pet dog belonging to an infected woman in Spain on the government's orders and against her wishes.

The infection of a nurse in Spain with Ebola after caring for an infected priest has caused international concern and people who have come into contact with her are in quarantine. The Madrid regional government also obtained a court order to euthanise her dog, claiming that 'available scientific information' could not rule out 'a risk of contagion.' Quarantine was not considered as an alternative and the dog has now been destroyed.

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) is an association made up of 92 veterinary organizations from all over the world, representing 145,000 individual veterinarians globally. Full scientific evidence to support its views is available at

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NUEVO!!: Antibiograma con concentración inhibitoria mínima

Hemos incorporado el análisis de la concentración inhibitoria mínima en nuestros antibiogramas. Este dato nos permite conocer la concentración más baja de un antibiótico que inhibe el crecimiento de un microorganismo, lo que nos determina la concentración de antibiótico a usar reduciendo así la aparición de resistencias bacterianas. Muestra necesaria: torunda en medio de cultivo.

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Campaña de septiembre frente a protozoos en LABOKLIN!!

En nuestro 25 aniversario ofrecemos, durante la primera quincena de septiembre, una campaña especial para el diagnóstico de Giardia spp. y Tritrichomonas foetus. Nuestro laboratorio está acreditado bajo la norma DIN ES ISO 17025, estando nuestros análisis sometidos a controles externos e internos periódicos.

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